Combat Absenteeism. 
Ignite Engagement.

Say goodbye to absenteeism and disengaged students.

From AI-driven insights to student rewards, Knowlej is reshaping the way schools operate and students learn.

Join the revolution in education today.

Trusted by Top School Systems Across the Country

Manage attendance and student engagement in one place

Our app integrates smoothly with your existing systems, allowing for a hassle-free transition and maximizing productivity.

Easy for Educators

With a user-friendly platform, educators can focus on what they do best—teaching—while Knowlej handles the rest.

Access Resources

Keep your students engaged and motivated with access to a wide range of resources that cater to their unique learning styles.

Track Student Progress

Monitor progress, stay on top of trends, and motivate students to achieve their best.

Personalize Learning Experiences

Every student is unique. Students can explore immersive career education designed to ignite their passion for learning.

Programs and Services

Launch Your Learn-to-Earn Program Today For Your School

Attend to Win Program

Unlock the full potential of your students with our Attend to Win program, designed to combat absenteeism in the most engaging way. These monthly and weekly challenges reward consistent attendance with exciting digital and physical rewards and  encouraging students to stay engaged and present.

By fostering a culture of regular attendance, we not only enhance educational outcomes but also instill a sense of responsibility and commitment in our learners. Join us in creating a future where every class is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Learn to Earn Program

Empower your students to learn from anywhere and be rewarded for their curiosity and hard work.

Our Learn to Earn program partners with leading educational platforms like Blue Studios and Khan Academy, offering incentives for completing digital courses and excelling in academics.

Whether it's mastering a new skill or acing a grade, we recognize and reward every educational milestone. This program transforms learning into an exciting, rewarding journey, paving the way for lifelong learners who are motivated by more than just grades.

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Professional Development: Future of Education and Leadership

Stay at the forefront of educational innovation with our professional development program. This comprehensive training offers insights into the future of education and leadership, emphasizing prompt engineering and cutting-edge tools.

Ideal for educators and leaders seeking to enhance their skills in a rapidly evolving landscape, this program equips you with the knowledge and tools to lead with confidence and creativity in the age of digital transformation.

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Knowlej Summit: Pioneering the Future of AI, Gaming, Blockchain, and Digital Entrepreneurship

Join us at the Knowlej Summit, a dynamic gathering for young minds aged 10-17. This youth summit delves into the exciting realms of AI, gaming, blockchain, and digital entrepreneurship.

It's an unparalleled opportunity for budding innovators to connect, learn, and get inspired by the potential of technology. Through interactive sessions and hands-on workshops, participants will gain valuable insights into digital trends and the skills needed to thrive in the future economy.

AI-Powered Precision
in Learning

A classroom where every student feels the curriculum is crafted just for them. That's the power of Knowlej. By adjusting to individual paces, interests, and comprehension levels, we ensure no student feels left behind.

Attendance Supercharged: Redefining Attendance for the Digital Age

A unique experience for students to boost attendance in education. Our approach involves motivating students with incentives such as our J's for Days Sneaker Challenge, which combines fashion and education. By participating in class, students take responsibility for their learning journey and become more engaged.

Future of Learning Courses: Opening Pathways to Success

Our Future of Learning Courses, powered by Blue Studios, equip students with practical skills, industry insights, and a competitive edge in high-demand fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ignite students' passion for learning and set them on a path to limitless possibilities.

Mindfulness Metaverse Challenge: Nurturing
Well-being and Focus

Our Mindfulness Metaverse Challenge, created in collaboration with Rehdr8 and Podlabs, is a unique experience that promotes your students' well-being. By blending mindfulness practices with virtual reality, students are taken on a journey of self-reflection, stress reduction, focus. This program helps students develop emotional intelligence and resilience.

Premier Content on Career Pathways: Opening Doors to Exploration

Our Premier Content on Career Pathways helps students explore their interests and potentials by offering in-depth courses in exciting career fields. We partner with industry experts in coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, and AI to equip students with valuable knowledge, skills, and insights. Empowers students to make informed career choices and fosters their curiosity towards a successful future.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface: Empowering Educators

The Knowlej App is designed to make education simple and efficient. It has a user-friendly interface that enables educators to access resources, track student progress, and personalize learning experiences with ease. We offer ongoing support to ensure educators feel confident and unleash the app's full potential.

Unlock the Future of Education: Join the Revolution

Discover the Knowlej App, the future of education that empowers students, enhances engagement, and transforms learning outcomes. With our features, students will be captivated, passionate, and ready for success. Join our educational revolution today and shape the future of education in your school or district.

AI That Sees Tomorrow, Today

Knowlej doesn't just react; it anticipates. By analyzing past behaviors and engagement metrics, our AI spots absenteeism before it starts.

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No more playing catch-up.

Equip educators with the foresight to step in and support students before they drift away. Every alert is a chance to make a difference.

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Not just smart, predictive

Imagine spotting a student's hurdles before they even see them. That's the power we hand to educators: the ability to pave a smoother academic path, ensuring every learner stays on track and thrives.

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Not just another
EdTech tool

Instead of offering generic content, our platform listens, learns, and tailors lessons to fit each student's unique learning curve.

I loved how you made learning exciting and rewarding. I earned rewards for my efforts and discovered a passion for science! Made learning feel like a fun adventure.

8th Grade Student

The learn-to-earn challenge turned learning into a fun competition! It pushed me to work harder and earn more rewards than my friends!

7th Grade Student

I felt like I was leveling up my skills and earning rewards at the same time! Can't wait to do this again next year.

9th Grade Student

What Students Say

Knowlej leverages the latest in educational technology to create an immersive learning experience that captivates students and drives success. From interactive lessons to personalized feedback, Knowlej is changing the game for educators and students alike.

Trusted by Top School Systems

Unlock the Future of Education.Join the revolution.

Programs and Services

Launch Your Learn-to-Earn Program Today For Your School

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Attend to Win Program

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Marketing teams

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Support teams

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